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Feeding the Urge

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The urge comes and goes. Or does it wax and wane?

I’m talking about the urge to be creative.

I believe we are all born with some form of creativity, even if we don’t realize it. I also believe creativity is an innate survival skill.

Three Examples

  • Creativity helped us through the boredom of the pandemic with surprising solutions = Zooming and bread baking.

  • Creativity lets our minds wander = meditation.

  • Creativity helps with new ways to solve problems. It is the mother of all inventions = the wheel!

If you haven’t done something creative in a while but have an urge, then shake off those cobwebs and get your brain and hands moving.

  • Doodle something with your eyes closed.

  • Paint or draw with your fingers or toes.

  • Use images from a magazine to make a quick collage.

  • Draw with chalk using your non-dominant hand on a sidewalk and get others to join in.

  • Use your freedoms = freedom of expression.

Draw a Doodle.

Once you start, the creative urge should surge/snowball.

How about a creative prompt?

Think of 20 different uses for an umbrella. Go!

  • Use for self-defense.

  • Use to carry groceries.

  • Use to create a lamp.

  • Use to paint on.

What can your umbrella do?

Staying creative is important and can help you stay healthy. It will keep your mind open and teach you new things about yourself. It will help you see things in a different way.

It can relieve stress, increase productivity and bring on feelings of peace (like a good soak in a warm bath). So go make something!

A creative bathtub!

Now, if I can just stop Feeding the Urge to eat chocolate …. hmm.

Thanks for reading along.

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