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Keeping it Clean?

Are you an artist that needs a clean and orderly environment to create? And you also enjoy getting messy in the process? I am one of those artists!

When everything has its place in my studio it is easier for me to think and grab what I need = a clean slate. But after thirty minutes into my artwork, my studio becomes chaotic. Always.

I embrace the messiness because it helps me dive deeper into the artistic process. For instance, splattering colors or using spray paint WITHOUT keeping it clean. It is liberating!

Liberation can be messy!

Early on, I realized if I do not clean up my project before I go to bed (I’m a night painter) I am left with useless, expensive brushes and dried up paint the next morning. Wasted $$$. Today, I do two things. Rinse. Repeat!

Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter, was known for meticulous compositions of grids and primary colors. His artwork was a reflection of his studio = organized and minimal. This maintained both his physical and artistic surroundings.

A Piet Mondrian painting

I, on the other hand, enjoy the shift that takes place when transitioning from a clean space to a messy, free flowing one. My studio is packed with brushes, paints, found objects, old magazines, glue, tape, decorative papers, and lots of canvases!!! But it is organized chaos. I label my art supplies and keep them in clear containers.

I also have some amazing custom shelving that my boyfriend built for me. And a designated painting area with easels, paints and a storage area for finished artwork.

Awesome boyfriend!

I try to find the balance between order and chaos, but I also have learned and prefer the direction of keeping it clean.

Thanks for reading my story ;)

What does your creative environment look like?

What are some of your creative rituals?

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