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My Way - Going Back to Spring in Summer

I took a hiatus from my art because there was no one pushing me. Except me. I always have the desire to be creative, but I do not always carve out the time to create.

In the spring, I was taking a couple of painting courses that kept me on task. But they ended and I regret not signing up for them in the summer.

Lo and behold, late last nite the creative itch was there. It needed to be scratched. So, I decided to work on a piece from a class I took last semester. There it was sitting on my easel, staring back. As if it were saying under its breath, “Finish me already!”

“Finish me already!” May 2023

I was taught a specific way to create the 'underpainting' on this piece, and I was hesitant to go back to it. I would be without a room full of peers giving me feedback. Instead, I went back to what I know best. My way. My style. My artistic signature.

"My Way" June 2023

It felt really great to get out of my head and pour my heart (ART) onto the canvas again. After a couple hours of painting, I took a step back and looked at this still unfinished piece.

I thought that maybe it IS done = this kind of “in-between” place. And the cool thing is, only I get to decide when it’s completed.

Maybe I will go back to it, but for now, I love the eerie esthetic of this still-life. It makes me feel at peace.

When do you know if you are finished with your art? Do you think this is done?

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment.

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