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Sipping and Painting is my Jam

The first time I heard about sipping and painting was in 2007. The venue was called, Painting with a Twist. I thought it was such a brilliant idea!

I had a friend that was looking to fill up space in a storefront. I suggested it. But they nixed the idea. “Sounds like something you would only do once.” And that was the end of my sip and paint dream - to own one of these places.

Instead, I started teaching at these places: Tipsy Paint, Pinot’s Palette, Bottle Bottega.

I then used the best concepts from each venue, plus my teaching style, to create mobile Sip and Paint Parties with Val.

I would say, “You supply the tables, chairs and space. I supply the rest = table easels, canvases, brushes, paint, table covers, water cups, aprons + my creative instruction.”

To date, I have hosted hundreds of these. Each time, I have a handful of people say, “I’m so nervous. I can’t even draw a stick-figure.” But after my instruction, they are always amazed by the artistic results.

I read somewhere that despite having fears of creating something for the first time, any time we engage in any type of visual expression, the 'reward pathways' in the brain are being activated.

I love seeing the before and after expression of each person’s face when the party is over.

In my experience, making art is about being in the ‘Zone’. You lose yourself, time flies and everyone is in a kind of happy trance.

I feel fortunate enough to have a roof over my head with heat and air conditioning with the ability to go to the gym or do all sorts of other things.

If you’re looking for an indoor activity to get away from the crazy world, then join in for the next Sip and Paint Party.

It is like meditation without a yoga mat. All you have to think about is mixing colors and painting on canvas. For 90 minutes in your day, it will take you away. #Guaranteed

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