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The Nudge

We all need a little nudge now and then.

Last weekend, a sort of last-minute trip was planned to Yellowstone. More travel is definitely on my bucket/fuck-it list, but I have a bit of travel anxiety.

Rain and severe thunderstorms were in the forecast, so my gut reaction was to cancel the trip.

Travel anxiety almost got the better of me, and I was ready to bow out. My great travel partner gave me a calming nudge and we were on our way.

United Flight to Bozeman, MN. 2023.

We landed in Bozeman, Montana and drove to Yellowstone — in the rain. By the time we got to the park, both the weather and my anxiety cleared up.

In the next 48 hours we experienced buffalo roaming, the Mammoth Hot Springs, the Grand Prismatic Springs, Roosevelt Lodge, Old Faithful geyser, mud pots, paint pots and one more surprise waiting for us.

Yellowstone National Park. 2023

While the sun was setting, my travel partner suggested exploring a hiking path. This created another anxiety for me. What if it got too dark to find our way back? What if we got attacked by a wild bear?

A sign near Yellowstone 2023.

Another gentle nudge and we were hiking down a trail to where? We ended up at a place called the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. I felt like we were Lewis and Clark, discovering something no one had ever seen before.

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. 2023.

It was a world of waterfalls and wild landscapes filled with multi-colored rock formations. A magical, spiritual place that I am so grateful I got to experience with my calming force = my guy.

We all need a nudge, because you never know what awaits you at end of the trail.

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