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#4. Things That Stick and Sticky Things

Working with glue (modge podge) and paint (acrylic) at the same time couldn’t be stickier! It’s a perfect combo when I’m feeling “stuck” (see what I did there?). When an image sticks with me, I feel the need to create. It puts my art into motion. Enter the vintage — or should we call them antiquated — magazines. What is it about 1950s magazines that draw me in? Or paint me in?

It’s not that long ago…

Women read these and believed these impossible expectations. I’m a second generation feminist as I create art intuitively. I channel my mother, pouring over the same magazines she would read. Did they teach her to feel good, bad or indifferent about herself? Cooking, cleaning, cleansing, waxing, moisturizing, starching all quietly so as not to create disruption.

I create disruption with my art all the time!

It helps me deal with the construct of the past to deconstruct it in the present. So many words and phrases and images that create a story. It feels freeing to rip apart. To deconstruct and then to reconstruct.

So that's MY story in the present day and my artwork, "Escape Artist" and "Feathermore" Both measure 24x36.

Leave a comment or two and let me know what you think… or even some life advice.

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